Financial Care

UPLevel ensures your funds are returned and your reputation is protected by turning conversations into recoveries through our unique approach to customer handling.

We recognize that maintaining a positive reputation while fortifying your bottom line is crucial to your success.

We are committed to creating long term relationships with our clients built on their definition of the ideal partnership.

We customize the outreach methodology based on your preferred contact channels – you have the option of choosing any combination of:





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Our clients love the big results and the lack of complaints or issues.

Our mission is to create a partnership of trust, solid performance and unrivaled responsiveness to our client’s needs, in line with delivering an experience that inspires customer loyalty and retention. UPLevel’s culture is designed to create a positive environment where integrity, trust and performance are delivered in every interaction and outcome.

Our collaborative, positive approach wins us awards, nominations, thank you notes, zero complaints and the most loyal clients in the business.

Discover how our suite of Financial Care solutions can be customized to reduce risk and increase returns while protecting your brand and reputation – one conversation at a time.

We offer exceptional financial care

We are committed to creating long term relationships with our clients built on their definition of the ideal partnership.

Early Phase Program

We focus on educating on the benefits of immediate payment

Pre-collection solutions

A softer initial approach on accounts early in the aging process

Settlement strategies

Including asset investigation, skip tracing, legal enforcement where approved by the client


When all traditional collection methods fail to result in payment

Financial care services include:

Accounts Receivable Management

UPLevel provides industry leading early phase recovery programs to a number of clients, including corporations and financial institutions, handling early stage collection accounts beginning as early as invoicing or day 7 of arrears.

UPLevel’s Early Phase Program is very customer friendly. Account collection is handled with a customer service approach, with a focus on educating on the benefits of immediate payment and avoiding negative impacts to credit file as a result of further delaying full account payment.

Pre-Collection Outreach

Pre-collection solutions help you increase your recoveries and reduce bad debt risk from delinquent accounts by providing a softer initial approach on accounts early in the aging process.

UPLevel’s pre-collection solution has been successfully provided to a wide variety of creditors for more than 40 years. This solution consists of two customizable contacts strategically delivered 10 days apart. Each communication advises your customer of the status of their account and instructs them to contact you immediately to arrange payment in order to avoid further action and possible negative impact to their credit file.

Debt Recovery

National in scope, UPLevel aims to be the most capable and trusted partner that can be confidently relied upon every day. With 3 locations in Canada and a full roster of national licenses, UPLevel successfully manages almost $1 Billion in inventory nationwide.

Our standard recovery process begins with initial contact attempts and follow-ups, then proceeds to negotiation of payments, where we perform detailed financial assessments as required in order to determine capacity to pay – asset investigation, skip tracing, legal enforcement where approved by the client, and settlement strategies.

Our strength and niche is that we are excellent building relationships on all channels, creating a feeling of warmth, confidence and capability. We prepare a detailed, concise summary to provide all the information needed to have the most efficient and effective face to face to launch your new client relationship. Clients tell us this shaves hours off their already busy schedules, freeing up time for more billable hours or less time at their desks.


Handling bankruptcy and consumer proposal processes can be cumbersome. It takes valuable time away from where you need your team most: focused on your core business.

We are happy to customize a package that suits your business needs. We can assist with any of the following insolvency functions to support your process: 

Receive and image all insolvency documentation

Track in banking system or customer database

Customer and trustee outreach

Follow up as required to confirm insolvency details

Proof of claim filing and administration

Hear what our amazing clients say about UPLevel

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do. They are integrated into our daily work lives and help us to remember our clients always come first.

"UPLevel quickly earned our trust and respect as a partner who provides excellent results, transparency, protects our brand and works extremely well as a seamless extension of our team. We’re very pleased with the results and relationship and highly recommend them to others."

Nissan Canada

"We are a big fan of UPLevel and the excellent relationship we have developed over the years. I believe both companies worked very well in integrating UPLevel into our new collection department structure. UPLevel staff was easy to work with throughout the process which helped us get to a successful launch."

FirstOntario Credit Union

"We would like to express our congratulations and best wishes to the UPLevel employees servicing our program. We are thankful for your efforts and your ongoing support."

Collabria Financial

"Meridian CU has proudly partnered with the team at UPLevel for more than a decade now! The team at UPLevel is fantastic to work with and has always provided great support… we truly value the relationship we have with UPLevel and the strong core values that our organizations share in treating individuals with respect."

Meridian Credit Union

"It has been a pleasure working with your incredible team members over the years who excel at what they do and provide outstanding service and support to us. Wishing you many more years of continued success!"

Sun Life Financial

“Voyageur has had a successful, trusted, partnership with UPLevel for decades. UPLevel has been the right fit for Voyageur through each stage of our growth. We find them to be highly effective and consistently deliver on both recoveries and customer experience. We trust UPLevel as an extension of our brand and we feel protected by UPLevel.”

Voyageur Transportation

“For over a decade, UPLevel has been considered one of our most trusted partners and important to the success of our business. Their team’s treatment of our customers is handled with the highest levels of care and professionalism; all while supporting our recovery needs and still representing our company brand and image effectively and positively. The results have been fantastic, but even more important is the synergistic and collaborative relationship their team have with our company where we truly view them as an extension of our internal team. We trust UPLevel completely and we would highly recommend them as your trusted A/R Partner!”

Electromate Inc.

“I highly recommend UPLevel - they are highly responsive, they understand the art of recoveries and they outperform their peers - at the same time as avoiding any complaints. They always go the extra mile as a true partner.”

Reliance Home Comfort

“UPLevel, formerly known as CRM, has been a long term and trusted partner since 2008. They make our accounts a priority, they are extremely responsive and always go the extra mile. Their recoveries are excellent and we’ve experienced no complaints at all during our 12 year relationship. We trust them, the results are great and the team creates a wonderful relationship. We highly recommend UPLevel as your trusted A/R partner.”

Peterborough Utilities Group

"UPLevel has demonstrated excellent performance and we have enjoyed an effortless and rewarding business relationship with this company. We have received no complaints which means low reputational risk and no administrative time on complaint handling. The collectors at UPLevel are highly tenured and skilled staff with extensive experience with collections."

The Corporation of the County of Perth